SWM and DBM Motorcycles

Excerpts from Letter from member Claude Carrier, Foxborough, MA


“There’s a shop near me that used to sell SWM motorcycles but I’ve never seen one or knew they are/were made in Italy. And, now for fans of obscurity, how about DBM? DBM stands for Di Bonito Motorcycles. I have 3 N.O.S. 2001 of these, with MotoMorini 50cc, motors, single speed, 10 inch wheels, 23 inch seat height. $1,399 each, if you know anybody that wants one…"


I would like to sell this .  It's been sitting a few years since I took

those pictures.  I also have many spare parts for it such as a new

muffler, 1st oversize piston, clutch,rear hub,tail light and much more. 

I've got @ 5 thousand into it I would like to get 4200 for everything. 

My name is Steve Mong,  I'm located in stow, Ma.  Email me at:  mong.steven@comcast.net

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