Hi Joe,

Thank you….as you know Paso’s are kind of the step child Ducati….you either love them or hate them….

I always loved the look of them so I found one in VT about a decade ago in a barn.

Did some restoration and upgrades but I’ve lost interest and ride my Harley’s now. The bike sits in my heated barn and I would really like it to go to an enthusiast.

It’ll try to attach some pics to the email. It has upgraded Mikuni’s and the coils have been replaced. Some wiring has been upgraded. Everything works except the clock of course. I did disable the fuel gauge because I got tired of the low fuel light going on when the fuel sloshed around.

I can be reached at 


SWM and DBM Motorcycles

Excerpts from Letter from member Claude Carrier, Foxborough, MA


“There’s a shop near me that used to sell SWM motorcycles but I’ve never seen one or knew they are/were made in Italy. And, now for fans of obscurity, how about DBM? DBM stands for Di Bonito Motorcycles. I have 3 N.O.S. 2001 of these, with MotoMorini 50cc, motors, single speed, 10 inch wheels, 23 inch seat height. $1,399 each, if you know anybody that wants one…"


I would like to sell this .  It's been sitting a few years since I took

those pictures.  I also have many spare parts for it such as a new

muffler, 1st oversize piston, clutch,rear hub,tail light and much more. 

I've got @ 5 thousand into it I would like to get 4200 for everything. 

My name is Steve Mong,  I'm located in stow, Ma.  Email me at:  mong.steven@comcast.net

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