We’re Baaaaaaaaaaack!



Steven Rossi


Last year, while we were deep in the uncertainties of the pandemic, we held a New England Spring Fling at Sweet Evalina’s Roadside Stand in Woodstock…up in the Northeast corner of Connecticut. Despite all the unknowns, a good group of dedicated Guzzisti turned out. But more importantly, here’s what we thought about it back then; “…it was sure nice to renew old acquaintances and make some new friends after all these months.”

Well, twelve more months later and there we were again, on Sunday, May 23, 2021…parked in the expansive Woodstock Post Office parking lot, by our socially-distant selves, across the street from Sweet Evalina’s. Coincidentally, Mother Nature blessed us with spectacularly sweet weather as well, so we enjoyed a cool, crisp New England morning ride along the shady, idyllic back roads of the “Quiet Corner” on the way over. The day then turned typically Summer. All is/was right!

With Covid now under control and contained (for the most part), the turnout was as impressive as the weather. Twenty-seven Moto Guzzi riders from Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire were on hand. Along with a few friends on BMWs, Ducati and the like. That’s the same, strong turnout we had in 2019, at Spring Fling 2. Yes, we’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Connecticut’s exclusive Moto Guzzi dealer, Jim Hamlin, also participated with his newly built, twisty two-lane devouring, special Stelvio, with a 17-inch front wheel and heavily messaged suspension. The Hamlin Cycles’ Moto Guzzi “Neva” one-off was also there, which is a combination Norge-Breva-1200 Sport 8V. And it was nice to see a new, 100th Anniversary V7 Stone Centenario edition already out and about.

Beyond that, here’s what the Sweet Evalina’s Spring Fling served up, to our delight:

Le Mans III
V11 EV
1100 Breva (2)
Norge (4)
1200 Sport
V7 Classic
V7 Stone
V7 Special (3)
V7 Carbon
Griso (2)
Stelvio “Special,” by Hamlin
California 1400
V85 TT
V7 Stone Centenario
"Neva" (combination Norge-Breva-1200 Sport 8v), by Hamlin

So Spring has sprung, and yet again; “…it was sure nice to renew old acquaintances and make some new friends after all these months.” Absence does make the heart grow fonder…indeed.