RICONN TT, by IMOC, is now…3 for 3


Steven Rossi


        On Saturday morning, September 15, the vintage, small-bore brigade gathered at the home of John and Tammy Harris in Brooklyn, CT for our third Tiddler Tour of the 2018 season. Coincidentally, this was also route-meister (and IMOC Il Presidente) John’s third annual RICONN, as the event is billed, because it starts and ends along the Rhode Island/Eastern Connecticut border.

          The unique appeal of RICONN is that it allows many of us to enjoy a special part of the world where the roads are even less traveled. That’s because the majority of our Tiddler terrain is predominantly within the more central, Connecticut River Valley area. So this ride gives tourists the opportunity to taste some new, TT two-lanes…in close proximity to the long-running IMOC (www.imoc.website) Rally in Sturbridge, MA, which was to take place the next day. What a weekend!

          At what is now the traditional, Tiddler Tour launch time, old bikes and their older riders blasted off at T-minus 10:00 AM-ish on a trajectory toward Norwich, CT. Cool morning mist made way for what would prove to be an idyllic riding day.

          With the very first turn after a mere 3.2 miles, it was obvious that we were in for an all new roads edition…if not, expedition. For the most part, that is. Down through such points-South as Canterbury, Sprague, Lebanon, Colchester, Salem and Lyme we went, before heading back North into Montville, and then Bozrah.

After 62.9 miles of tasty twisties, we touched down at Illiano’s Ristorante-Grill in Yantic for an ever-popular part of tiddler touring. That being…the lunch stop! For those who wanted more traditional TT fare, there was, of course, an obligatory Subway sandwich shop…the next door down…to satiate the taste buds.

After the riders refueled, and fed their bikes, too, it was back to the East/Northeast to fulfill the Rhode Island portion of the mission. As the Tour proved even more countryfied. Here are a few of the post-Lunch Route instructions to give you an idea, as the Route turned still further toward the hinterlands. Right, STEEP on to 97…Left, @ Paved Road, no sign…Caution, Sharp Turns…Left @ T, Dirt Road…etc., etc…for what would be another 64.8 miles.

After some more little roads that contributed to that total across “Little Rhody,” as The Ocean State is sentimentally called, it was back to the Harris homestead to unwind, decompress and tell tall, TT tales. As usual…

          Thanks again to John and Tammy Harris for hosting yet another outstanding Tiddler Tour. Because the RICONN TT, by IMOC, is now…3 for 3!


(And thanks to Doug Roper for transposing the instructions into Route Holder format.)

2021 by Joseph Tamarkin

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